Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm still alive, just busy...Plus the wisteria is blooming in the back yard and smells so nice. I'll have to get a wireless laptop so I can blog out there. Be back soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Family Tragedy

Neil Entwistle returned to the states yesterday and was charged with first degree murder of his wife Rachael and nine month old baby Lillian today at the Framingham, MA District Court house. Not sure why but this story hadn’t captured my interest much and that notion got me wondering why.

From the best we can tell from reports is that he borrowed a gun from his father in-laws house shot his wife and then his daughter. A search on his computer turned up info on his surfs to find sexual partners, how to kill people and how to commit suicide with a knife; evidently he became fearful of death for himself and fled the country instead to his native England.

As this story was progressing from the beginning on Jan. 22nd 2006, two days after the murders, the clues streaming out all pointed to Neil Entwistle and the obvious guilty sign hung from his neck. A case that appeared as closed, so closed in fact I had surely thought he would just be brought back and plead guilty and it would all be over.

But no it seems this is a game of sorts. He had himself backed into quite a financial corner and now he seems to have a new ray of hope, but for what, freedom, and money? We know full well a man couldn’t possibly want to live with such an image in his mind and how could it really be blocked out? He has claimed now that he came home and found his murdered family…

Could a modern brain carry on in this world and not be able to see the writing on the walls? Sadly we know the answer to this is a resounding yes. This is such a classic case of a man in love with money and no understanding of self and soul, mind you I find him gutless as well, but can’t help but wonder if he wasn’t faced with these very souls in a way he never imagined and now forever haunted. We could only hope.

As I watched his face today in court I saw only a boy the size of a man, an expression serious and concerned with his fingernails chewed down to the cuticles. My curiosity peaked now and will be interested to see how this one unfolds.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Such a big world...

With so much going on where does a person start?

I’m here so this is where it shall start…A lovely day in the region, blue sky’s billowing clouds and a spring breeze, what could possibly be news about that? Oddly enough, quite a lot, for wherever you may be in the world, if you’re reading this chances is you’re in a comfortable place.

Consider that….is there a roof over your head, food in the cupboards, and air to breath? That could be soothing for the physical body, but what befits our minds?

The pathways of humanity have been long strange trips for some and fun rides of dumb luck for others. I suppose it’s better to focus on the journey, but does anyone ever wonder where is everyone really going, the big ship I speak.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm an insignificant microbe

As a newbie to this whole blog world, imagine my surprise to see this blogger platform announce me to the www as an insignificant microbe! Just a worm in the eyes of Mother Earth, how dare they...I've been informed that this is just their way of saying I haven't any visitors yet. Next step is to change that...